When someone in your home uses a wheelchair or a walker, keeping your carpets clean and beautiful can seem impossible. Although wheelchair and walker traffic do present special challenges, most of the care required to keep your carpets looking good is simple and preventive in nature, but regular care and cleaning are essential.

Wheelchairs & Walkers

wheelchairs and walkers can ruin carpets

Are wheelchairs or walkers ruining your carpets?

Following these tips can help keep your carpets beautiful longer even with wheelchairs or walkers:

  1. Place machine washable mats or area rugs at every entrance to your home and on high-traffic areas. For the best results, use two rugs: one outside the door and another inside. Shake out the rugs every week; vacuum them as often as possible and machine wash them as necessary.
  2. Keep a basket with clean towels and wheel cleaning spray at each entrance. Use the towels and cleaning spray to wipe dirt, mud or slush off wheels before it has a chance to soil your carpet.
  3. Clean any spills from the carpet immediately to prevent them from staining. Always test spotting products on a hidden portion of your carpet first and use them according to the instructions on the package.
  4. Try to vacuum your carpet once a week for every person or pet that lives there.  For example, if two people and one cat live in your home, you should try to vacuum three times a week. Frequent vacuuming also helps to stand the carpet’s pile upright and prevents ugly matting.

Ask about our Dry Solutions LLC maintenance program so that your carpets get cleaned frequently and you don’t have to think about it. We can customize it to meet your personal needs and budget.


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