Truck-Mounts Or Us? Dry Solutions: cleaner, greener, healthier

Dry Solutions LLC: Cleaner, Greener, Healthier

Truck mounted steam cleaners are loud, wet and intrusive. They keep their engines running, generating noise, burning fuel and releasing exhaust into our environment. Yards of hoses run from them through your open door and into your home inviting all who pass to invade your privacy. They require 321% more energy per square foot than our system and generate 87% higher emissions.

Our system is quiet, fast drying and unobtrusive.  When we clean your carpets, the single loudest piece of equipment we use is a commercial vacuum. Most carpets dry in only 1 to 2 hours, and we bring everything we need into your home with us, then quietly shut the door behind us.

We do not waste precious natural resources, nor do we hook up to your faucet.  Steam cleaning consumes over 60 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet.  We use only 5 in the cleaning solution that we bring with us to clean the same area.

Wet methods can and often do attract new soil.

Don’t believe it?  Take a dry paper towels and wipe half of the top of your refrigerator with it.  Take a wet paper towel and wipe the other half.  Then gently shake both paper towels with the soiled side over a wastebasket, to simulate the effect of vacuuming.  Now look at them, which would you prefer your carpets to resemble? And, that is using plain clean water!  Imagine how much filth sticks to the surface of your carpet when shampoo or detergent residues are left behind?

Not only do wet carpets attract and trap dirt in the fibers, hot water can dilute and/or remove the stain resistant materials in your carpet.  Very hot water can even loosen the glue that binds the fibers to the jute backing.

While extremely hot water blasted into your carpet at high pressure sounds as if it would sanitize it, it may in fact do the opposite.  What would happen if all that heat and pressure forced water into the padding?  That sponge-like material would hold onto it and become a fertile breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria, mold and allergens. We, however, use just enough moisture to penetrate the carpet fiber, lift the dirt, emulsify it, and bring it to the surface for extraction.

Our system is simply better for you and our planet.  Make the right choice: Truck-Mounts Or Us?

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2 thoughts on “Truck-Mounts Or Us?

  1. Chris cleaned my carpets today and I am so impressed with the results. He left a couple of hours ago and my carpets are already dry. They look brand new and he really was “quiet” and “unobtrusive”. Feel free to use me as a reference.

  2. Thanks for posting. We’re glad you’re happy with our service. Please recommend us to your friends, neighbors, coworkers and relatives.

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