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“I highly recommend Dry Solutions!!! We have been using the services of Chris for 10 years and he is amazing. This family run business should be the model for all businesses – excellent customer service, fantastic results with our pet stained and high traffic carpets, reasonable pricing and always a pleasant experience. You will be recommending this company to your friends and family!!!”
~Karen Presser, Boca Raton FL

Chris cleaned my carpets today and I am so impressed with the results. He left a couple of hours ago and my carpets are already dry. They look brand new and he really was “quiet” and “unobtrusive”. Feel free to use me as a reference.

~C. Jackson, Lake Worth

Be good to your carpets. They’re good to you.

Carpets aren’t  just comfortable and luxurious. They’re safe, reduce slips and cushion falls. This makes them ideal for the very old and the very young. They improve acoustics by absorbing noise rather than bouncing it back. And, they save us money by providing actual thermal resistance (R-value) – which conserves energy. In fact, carpets offer many advantages.

Many people have the misconception that carpets are bad for people with allergies and other respiratory problems. But, according to multiple studies. the opposite seems to be true. Get the facts.

So, enjoy your carpet… and use Dry Solutions LLC professional carpet cleaning regularly! Our non-toxic cleaning solutions work with our fast drying techniques to restore your carpet to its original healthy state. We thoroughly clean all sides of your carpet’s fibers, ensuring that they are the cleanest they can be.

Experience our exclusive low moisture professional carpet cleaning system.

We offer seven distinct advantages that make a real difference:

  1. Most will dry, soft and fluffy, in only 1 to 3 hours.
  2. Potential germ growth is reduced.
  3. The possibility of wicking is eliminated.
  4. The risk of slipping and falling is reduced.
  5. You can get back to work and real life sooner.
  6. We use biodegradable, environmentally safe & non-toxic solutions.
  7. No dirt attracting residue is left behind, so your carpet will stay clean longer.
Discover why our professional carpet cleaning system and friendly staff make so many people happy.

We know that you will enjoy the many benefits of using our carpet cleaning service.

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