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Do you share our values?

About Us: Kid and pet friendly carpet cleaning in Palm Beach, Florida.Any service company is only as good as the values of the people who work for it. Shouldn’t you choose a company that values the same things that you do?

We value the satisfaction of doing quality work at a fair price. Whatever we do we do wholeheartedly with the goal of earning your repeat business. We treat your home as if it were our own, and are proud to have served three and four generations of many local families.

Who are you inviting into your home or business?

Some of the most important decisions that you can ever make involve whom you invite into your homes. We aren’t talking about dinner guests or your kid’s next play date.  Yes, they are important… but what we are talking about is something you might do without much thought.

What is it? Inviting any service company into your home. We all have to do it now and then. But we should be extra careful about whom we use. Remember, our homes are our private domains and should be safe places for our families. We should want and accept only the best.

Sadly, many service companies today are a disappointment when it comes to providing customers with what they really need and want: Good, quality workmanship combined with top-notch customer service.

What should you expect when you hire a cleaning company to enter your home and do work for you?

Our Top Three:

1.    Quality work: When you call a company to do work for you, it is assumed they will do what they say they will do, such as clean the carpet, clean the tile and grout, or apply protection that really works. We do.

2.    On time: They say they will be there between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. but if they are there at 2 p.m., what does that do to your schedule? A reputable company will communicate with you, be on time and respect your schedule.  We do.

3.    Appearance: A quality cleaning company should look professional. Anyone coming into your home should make you feel comfortable. After all, if they can’t keep their trucks and technicians clean, can you expect them to really clean your home? We do.

After all, it is your home or business.  And you deserve the absolute best: Dry Solutions LLC!

We are proud that our family has helped keep South Florida’s finest homes and businesses cleaner and healthier since 1990.  Our well trained staff looks forward to serving you too. You will see why we enjoy the highest customer satisfaction rate in our area. More than 97% of the people who try our specialty cleaning services say that they wouldn’t consider using anyone else. And, our clients agree that what we do best, is keep them smiling with our friendly service, great results, and affordable prices.

We know that you will enjoy the many benefits of using Dry Solutions’ professional specialty cleaning services.

About Us: Green clean carpets, rugs, tile, upholstery, drapes in Palm Beach, Florida