Carpet Indentations: What can be done about carpet indentations caused by heavy furniture?

When heavy or weight baring furniture is placed on carpets it often creates indentations that aren’t noticed until the furniture is removed.  In some cases, when something very heavy, like a waterbed, is left on a carpet a long time, these dents can be permanent because the carpet fibers themselves have little or no resilience (such as many olefin & polyester carpets), and/or the padding underneath of it has collapsed. However, there are several techniques that can be used to reduce, and sometimes eliminate the appearance of these depressions. This articles explains easy, effective and free ways to remove these indentations.

Method 1: Ice & Fork
Move your furniture to uncover the indentation. Drop one ice cube in each dent. Some dents may require several ice cubes. As the ice melts, the nap of the carpet will begin to lift. Check the results after the ice melts and blot off the water with white paper towels or cloths. At this point, try using a fork to carefully lift up the carpet fibers. Use a slow and gentle touch to avoid damaging the carpet and remember that the entire procedure can be repeated or you can try another technique if necessary.

Method 2: Steam Iron & Butter Knife
For a small dents, like the ones caused by the legs of chairs, try holding a steam iron about 15 cm above the indentation, until it becomes moist. Now gently work the fibers back and forth with the butter knife until they are standing up.

Method 3: Iron & Towel
Dampen a towel and place it on the indentation, then apply gentle pressure with an iron set to a medium high temperature ( cotton/wool or 5 to 6). The heat and moisture combine to lift the carpet fibers.

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