Value for Price

Will I get a good value for the price that I pay?

Value for price, perfect fit

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Dry Solutions gives you the perfect fit.

“Highly recommend Dry Solutions!!! We have been using the services of Chris for 10 years and he is amazing. This family run business should be the model for all businesses – excellent customer service, fantastic results with our pet stained and high traffic carpets, reasonable pricing and always a pleasant experience. You will be recommending this company to your friends and family!!!”
~Karen Presser, Boca Raton FL

Never select a cleaning company based only on the price. A cheap service could actually do more harm then good.  If your carpetrugsupholsterydraperies, and tile & grout are damaged or re-soil more rapidly, are you really saving anything?. We may charges a little more than some companies, but you get real value for the price paid.

It’s impossible for a company to provide great service if they can’t afford to invest in quality employees, education and equipment.

We consistently deliver great results that last and offer distinct advantages that make a big difference.

  1. Tile & grout dry as soon as we are done
  2. Most textiles dry in 1 to 3 hours
  3. This reduces potential microbial growth
  4. Eliminates or reduces potential wicking
  5. Reduces the risk of slipping and falling
  6. Lets you get back to work and real life sooner
  7. Our solutions are biodegradable, environmentally safe & non-toxic
  8. We do not leave dirt attracting residue behind, so everything stays clean longer, at an affordable price

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