Storing Rugs properly bugs in rugs.

Storing Rugs properly can keep your rugs safe from bugs and other things that can damage them.

Many of us like to switch our rugs out to keep things fresh and to save them from unnecessary wear. But stored rugs, especially those made from natural fibers (wool, silk, cotton) can become warm homes and meals for moths, carpet beetles and other creepy crawlers.

Even rugs that are on a floor for years, if they are not moved, vacuumed regularly and cleaned can be damaged by insects. Carpet beetles in particular like to take up residence between the floor and the back of your rug. Pamper your rugs to keep them looking and feeling great. This post, focuses on tips for…

Storing Rugs Properly

While most moth and carpet beetle infestations appear in rugs that were improperly stored, they usually start when the rug is in use, and then grow when the piece is stored. I strongly recommend that you:

  • Have your rug professionally cleaned before you store it.
  • The best place to store your rugs is a cool and dry area where blinds or curtains block natural light. Avoid attics and basements, without climate control because of their extreme temperature changes and humidity.
  • Never fold a rug: Permanent creases may form. Always roll it.
  • Have a housekeeping plan for your storage area because dust and dirt attract insects. Vacuum the room and dust all of baseboards and windowsills to get rid of insect attracting dust regularly.
  • Unroll your rug about once per month to make sure that there is no evidence of infestation.
  • For long term storage outside of your home, I recommend treating you rug with magnesium to make the fiber inedible for moth larvae.

storing rugs moth cycle

For useful information on how to care for your rugs, read Area Rugs: How to keep them looking great and help them  last longer. For more storage tips see Lexington Furniture, Oriental Rugs article.

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