Oriental and designer area rugs are an investment that add beauty, softness, warmth and elegance to any room. We can help you make them last and look great longer.

DID YOU KNOW that your valuable area rugs in your are virtually crying out for some comfort? Pamper your rugs and keep them looking and feeling great.

When people start installing more hard floors in homes, the first thing most of them do is cover their floors with soft area rugs. Many of these rugs can cost thousands of dollars, and they need their own special protection.

A rug pad designed and sized specially for your area rug (or rugs, if you are fortunate enough to have several in your home) is the protection they need and deserve.

Why go with a quality rug pad? Because they:

1. Add cushioning and comfort for you

2. Can add years to the life of a rug

3. Protects the flooring beneath the rug

4. Prevents the rug from slipping and you from falling!

Besides a rug pad, your area rug needs regular cleaning.

Don’t wait for your rug to cry out, “Please help!” It needs a pad of its own, right now. Give it the protection it needs, and enjoy that rug for many years to come. Learn more ways to pamper your rugs, read: Area Rugs: How to keep them looking great and help them  last longer.

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