keeping flowers freshFresh is always best, right? And that’s especially true for one of the most special and beautiful things that you can bring into your home — fresh, cut flowers.

Fresh flowers brighten your spirits and add beauty and fragrance to your home.

Flowers make a great gift and everyone enjoys them. But keeping them looking beautiful can be  frustrating. They begin to wilt and look tired way too soon.  Before you know it,  they look more like weeds than beautiful flowers.

There are lots of tips and tricks you can try to keep fresh flowers looking good longer.  Try one or more of the following to keep flowers fresh:

  • You know those little packets of powder that comes with fresh cut flowers: The little packet your florist includes free? It’s basically sugar – so if you don’t have some of those packets, just dump in a tablespoon or so of white sugar. The powdered sugar variety might be best since it will dissolve easier in water. Even cut flowers need a little nourishment, and who doesn’t like sugar?
  • Keeping the water acidic is also a tip some pros endorse. Acidity is vital to plant growth, so adding an ounce or two of white vinegar might make those flowers look their best longer.
  • The Clorox company recommends ¼ teaspoon of bleach for each vase of flowers, saying the bleach disinfects and keeps the water clear and free of that smelly slime we all experience after a few days on the counter.
  • Another way to make flowers look better longer is to cheat. Some florists say to use hairspray on the underside of the petals and leaves. Obviously, this keeps them from drooping too much.

No matter which tip, trick or  you use for your flowers, the best advice is simple: Change the water in the vase daily, and enjoy those fresh, cut flowers as long as you can!

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