Fur-kid friendly: Pig in a stroller eating a popsicleI never thought about whether or not I’m fur-kid friendly before.

I was somewhat surprised and a little amused the other day when I saw a well dressed couple take their equally well dressed miniature pig out of a stroller, cradle her in their arms, point up to the sky and say. “Look up honey, look at the plane!” She  –at least I assume it was a girl based on the frilly pink outfit she was wearing– didn’t seem too interested in the airplane that was passing overhead, but that didn’t seem to lessen her humans’ enthusiasm.

That pink clad bundle of joy was their fur-kid. They were proud to be her doting pet-parents and they didn’t seem to care what anyone else thought about them.

What’s a fur-kid?

A fur-kid is a pet such as a dog, cat, or miniature pig that is treated as if it were a child by its owners. Oops! I’m sorry! Please forgive my political incorrectness. I meant to say, “A fur-kid is person that is not a Homo sapien, but is treated as an equal or better by the humans that are lucky enough to be included in their families.”

The fur-kid industry in the United States is booming.

fur-kid friendly bar mitzvah

Pampering them is becoming the norm, as pet-parents’ expenses moves far beyond the necessities of food, veterinary care and grooming.

Specialty luxury products and services are popping up everywhere: Fine jewelry and accessories;  designer apparel; custom made bedding, furniture, carriers, bowls…finishing schools, day spas, extended vacations, birthday parties, religious celebrations…

According to NBC news, Americans will spend more than SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS on their pets this year.

Shouldn’t at least a few of those dollars be spent on fur-kid friendly specialty cleaning services?

Your fluffy bundles of joy deserve a fresh, clean, healthy environment and these services should be provided by professionals that understand their needs and that are fur-kid friendly. After all, even the best parents can’t do everything all by themselves.

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