Upholstered Buttons

UPHOLSTERED BUTTONS: headboard, chaise lounge, sofa

Can tufted upholstery with metal backed upholstered buttons be cleaned without causing the metal to rust?

If you call Dry Solutions LLC to do it, absolutely. We have cleaned fine upholstered furniture since 1990 with great results.

Tufted furniture is very popular now and has been for many years. Upholsterers usually achieve this elegant look by threading through layers of fabric or leather in a pattern and securing the ends of the thread with an upholstered button.  These upholstered buttons usually have a metal back that can easily rust when wet.

We can safely clean your tufted headboards, sofas, ottomans and other furniture without making metal rust or causing other cleaning related problems to occur. Our master technicians have been cleaning fine upholstered and leather furnishings since 1990 and enjoy the highest customer satisfaction rates in our area.

Our upholstery and leather furniture cleaning services consistently deliver great results that last and advantages that make a big difference, especially on tufted furniture with upholstered buttons:

  1. Most upholstery fabrics dry in only 1 to 3 hours.
  2. Leather furniture can be used immediately.
  3. Our upholstery cleaning reduce potential microbial growth.
  4. Our upholstery cleaning reduces reappearing stains.
  5. We eliminate the risk of shrinking, warping or fading.
  6. Our upholstery cleaning lets you get back to work and life faster.
  7. Our solutions are biodegradable, environmentally safe & non-toxic.
  8. We do not leave dirt attracting residue behind, so your furniture stays clean longer.
  9. Our upholstery cleaning  does not cause metal buttons to rust.
  10. We do not cause the stain from decorative wood or metal to bleed onto the fabric.

Whether you have upholstered buttons, stained wood accents or delicate fabrics, you can trust the experts at Dry Solutions to clean your upholstery right.

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