Remove Blood

removing blood from carpets

How to safely and easily remove blood from carpets and other textiles.

Fresh blood stains aren’t too difficult to remove from carpets.  You’ll need gloves, some clean white towels or absorbent cleaning rags, ice (yes, frozen water), and some surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol.

Put on the gloves, then just place ice directly over the blood stain, once it liquefies the blood somewhat, clean it up with the towels.  Always work from the edges to the center of the stain with dabbing motions and avoid rough scrubbing that can abrade the carpet.

Repeat until all of the blood is removed: You’ll know it’s all gone when nothing is transferring to the towel or rag.

At this point, you can use a little surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol to disinfect the area, but make sure you test the carpet fibers for colorfastness first.

Dry the area as thoroughly as possible once the blood is gone.  First use towels to absorb as much moisture as possible.  Then either blow dry it using a cool setting or place a fan near it for fast drying.  Do not skip this step! Everything absorbs into and sticks to wet carpets.  The faster a it dries after it is cleaned the better.

If you use this technique to take blood stains off of upholstery or other fabrics, you must be extra careful.  Check the fabric where it cannot easily be seen to make sure that the surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol will not damage it, and make sure you blow dry the  fabric at a cool setting until it is completely dry.

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