save_moneyDo you accept competitors’ coupons?

If we did, but made sure to charge you for all of the extras that our competitors do not include in their cleaning price, and applied all of the exclusions in the fine print; we would make more money, most of the time.

But we do not do business that way, so we do not accept other companies’ coupons. We refuse to use bait-and-switch advertising, add on hidden fees or run phony specials.



Our prices for getting things as clean as possible, without gimmicks and games, are very competitive and our service can’t be beat.

We do everything possible to give you an accurate, honest quote on the phone, so give us a call. You will be glad you did.

We consistently deliver great results that last, and offer distinct advantages that make a big difference.

Don’t be the victim of a carpet cleaning scam. See our current special offers.


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