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Don’t “fill in the boxes” on some third party internet site and hope for the best! Call us instead.

call us: Don't sell yourself short!We know that some people think that it’s a good idea to enter their personal information into little boxes on the internet and not have to pick up a telephone to talk to a real person. This seems to be a convenient way to book an appointment. Maybe they don’t know that their information is usually sold to third parties.  This often leads to miscommunication, inaccurate estimates or worse. Where is the accountability when you are dealing with another business entity? Call us instead and speak directly with the company that does the work and takes full responsibility for everything. Take advantage of your ability express your concerns and to ask questions. Avoid unpleasant surprises.

We want our prospective customers to call us and communicate directly with us, not just fill in generic blanks.

You owe it to yourself to know exactly who you’re dealing with before you share any personal information or let anyone in your home or business. Call the business you are dealing with.

If we don’t know exactly what your needs and expectations are,  how can we give you an honest estimates? 

Open communication before you book an appointment also allows us to give our customers the very best price possible. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service at very competitive prices. If we squandered our time and energy on appointments that are a waste of time for any reason, our clients would be the ones who pay for it.

When the information potential customers give us over the telephone is honest, we guarantee that the price quoted is the price they pay. We do not believe in bait and switch or game playing. Nor will we share or sell your information with anyone.

Experience and common sense tell us that filling out a form and hoping for the best, usually gets us the worst. I wish I had a cent for every time that someone tells me that they booked an appointment with someone else because they got a low quote then wound up paying more for inferior service, and for every poor devil that took a day off from work to get something done but had to throw the shysters out instead. Ugly confrontations, arguments and wasted time will make you lose sleep at night and take years off of your life.

I value my time, my energy, my well-being and my paying customers too much to play the just fill out the boxes and hope for the best game. Pick up the phone and call us. Tell us about your needs, concerns, availability …  Ask questions.  You’ll get an accurate estimate over the phone. If we can serve you, you’ll get the best quality service available and avoid unwanted consequences and unpleasant surprises.



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